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Church History

Faith Bible Church, located at 1555 So. 27th Street in Omaha, NE, held their first service on June 2, 1968. Prior to this, Faith Bible Church was preceded by a city mission ministry known as Fontenelle Chapel which was located in north Omaha. This mission was begun in 1950 by the Krimmer Mennonite Brethren Conference in cooperation with staff and students from Grace Bible Institute (now known as Grace University).

Ministry was provided for children plus some adults living primarily in the Logan-Fontenelle public housing project. Some of the early pastors of the work at Fontenelle were A. A. Schmidt, Reuben Dirks, LaVerne Hofer, Jim Walter and Robert Decker.

In the 1960’s considerable changes occurred in the neighborhood around the Chapel. African-Americans began to make up an increasing percentage of the Logan-Fontenelle housing project population. Although outreach efforts were made, these did not meet with visible success in establishing a racially mixed ministry so it was determined that the Fontenelle Chapel ministry needed to be moved to another location. Since a number of the families that had attended Fontenelle had moved to the Columbus Park neighborhood, efforts were made to find a suitable facility in that area. This resulted in the purchase of property at 2514 Poppleton Avenue on November 1, 1967, which initially served as a meeting place for the congregation as well as a residence for Pastor Robert Decker and his family.

On July 26, 1970, property was purchased at 1555 So. 27th Street for $10,048.92 and this is where the current church is located. The groundbreaking for the construction of the current sanctuary was held on July 18, 1971, and the first service in the new building was held on February 13, 1972. The dedication of the building was held on May 21, 1972.

Seventeen members signed the charter membership on October 30, 1972. On June 21, 1987, the ground breaking was held for our gym/fellowship hall addition which was dedication on July 22, 1990. Pastors who have served Faith over the years beside Robert Decker have been Jim Seibel, Leonard Reimer, Jim Herrington, Paul Kroeker, Peter Thomas and John Schnell. In addition, temporary or interim leadership was provided by Ward Childerston, Rod Anderson, Tedd Mathis, and Denny Hartford.

Several milestones over the years have been: ending Home Missions subsidy from the conference in 1981, starting AWANA in January, 1982, Pastor Leonard Reimer beginning Bible studies in the Millard area (which later became Millard Bible Church), May, 1983, burning our mortgage for the original church construction loan, January, 1985, starting a Spanish ministry in November, 1990 (now Iglesia Agua Viva), starting Good Neighbor Ministries with Stephen Stout as director in 1996; paying off our loan on the gym/fellowship hall, January 10, 2010. We have since acquired the two properties to the north of the church to allow for offices for GNM and future expansion.

Our church has part in the support of 6 missionaries, four of which attended our church while they were students at Grace University. We also support Good Neighbor Ministries, Camp Witness in Western Nebraska where our children attend summer camp, Child Evangelism Fellowship, and Vital Signs Ministries.

Stephen Stout officially began serving as our pastor of February 1, 2016. We are thankful to the Lord for His blessings on our ministry and for the servant leadership of members of our body. We are also thankful to the Central District Conference who have supported us financially and through prayer over the years. It has been exciting to see what God has been doing over the last year! Our prayer is that we would remain faithful to the ministry God has entrusted to us.